12:25pm October 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: [azure-blood] There's a blue haired man in your inbox. Seems he's looking for something...

"Do you need help…?" Elluka watched him, blinking.

12:24pm October 21, 2014
halloween-seisaku asked: bout the english as intelligence indicator thing, i think they were talking about um universal intelligence, if that's a thing? like someone says 'haha u no speak english u must be dumb' to any non-english speaker aka idk lots of the world? like sure they might not know english but they also know a lot of other things. the post is worded kinda uh and doesn't take into account specialised studies like language majors, it mostly just looks at people's habit using english as basic gauge of smarts;;


People can be so stupid wtf. Thank for enlightening me tho that actually makes way more sense.

6:58am October 21, 2014




Anyone that uses your grasp of the English language as an indicator of your intelligence is probably a racist

Ok but it’s a very good gauge

No it’s not and you’re probably a racist

uhhh excuse me?? what about english majors in college?? people who spend a full fourth of their life dedicated to learning the ins and out of the english language, history and usage? you could use any language as a gauge of intelligence- how well you know it, how many words you know, how well you can articulate said language?

unless you can give me some insight, this is calling anyone who studies english(teachers, professors, researchers) stupid just because they do gauge their intelligence with their knowledge of the english language because that’s what they care about, and what they studied the most. it’s like saying someone who likes art can’t say they’re smart because they know the history of art and how to create art.

either there is a point that flew over my head, or this is utter bullshit and you really shouldn’t tell people how to gauge their own intelligence because you’re pretty much just putting them down

thx bye

6:43am October 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: So did you at least make sure the guard you blew away would land safely and not die?

"O-Of course I did!"


”..Did I…?”

Oh shit.

Well, he was annoying.

10:01pm October 20, 2014
clockworkerelluka asked: (In regards to the rough day meme. LOOK INTERACTION--) Elluka would blink, then summon a blanket and put it on Kuroha and let him sleep while she reads until he wakes. Doesn't know him but hey, he doesn't seem like a bad kid.



Hours later, the snake awakens, rubbing his golden eyes. What time was it, and what was that scent? His hues dart over to see the pinkette, a brow raising.

It then dawned on him, what he did, and seems to get a little nervous. “Sorry about that…”

It seemed as if she had nodded off, but upon his wors, the woman opened her eyes and looked at him.She smiled calmly.

"It’s fine. You must have been very tuckered out, kiddo."

9:42pm October 20, 2014

damn u maybemirai

(fill in the blanks and tag 6 people)


name: Lynn

birthday: March 16th

favorite colors: Purple

lucky number: 22

height: 5’4”


last dream you remember: I was playing with chartettelangley's mun with guns, and then she killed me >C

art/sport/both: Art, thugh I seem o be a natural at snow-skiing.

do you like dancing: Slow dancing. I can’t do fast dances anymore.

do you like singing: Yes, though I’ve received mixed reviews on my abilities.


dream vacation: A fully paid-for trip around the world to a bunch of countries of choice with a select group.

dream guy/girl: oukajou

dream wedding: Not sure. Um’s in charge of it, as long as I can handle the reception.

dream pet: An octopus and an alpaca.

favorite song: IDK. ATM it’s Sleeping Beauty, Miku-tan’s cover. In general, King and Lionheart or Your Bones from OMAM is great. Plus I could listen to a good half of Mothy songs.. I can’t choose!!!

least favorite song: you try to play Sweet Home Alabama around me and i will fucking gut you.

least favorite artist: umm… idk really?


guys/girls/both: recently i have been questioning in terms of sexuality, bot romantically is yes.

eye color: ?? for preference??? idc??? 

hair color:i dont care as long as it’s soft? though i guess longish is gr8 so i can grip hair or braid lol

humorous/serious: either or, but a balance would be nice

taller/shorter: either or, i like height differences~

biggest turn off: i dont quite know.. daddy kinks??/ egh. also oppai.

biggest turn on: good lingerie.

8:44pm October 20, 2014

here its really shitty but i did it after several errors lol

Questions - 

Kitwolf-furever (Who, in your opinion, has the best chance of surviving the hunger games amongst the sinners?not counting Conchita.)
SHSLGeneticCounselor (Who’s your senpai)
Anon (You come across an octopus with beautiful blue rings. What do you do?)
Anon (What’s the most awkward thing you’ve done as a mun?)
SHSLGeneticCounselor (How did you take the fact that Eve Moonlit is EVERYBODY))
Anon (Don’t forget that everything is going to be okay in the end.)
Anon (Have thee a question, child?)
Anon (Are you sure you don’t have Ebola or something?)
Oukajou (how many alpacas will you buy for me, darling?)
Anon (Have you heard of Deemo?)
Anon (Does pierrot love you?)

10:08pm October 19, 2014
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Iroha(Left) & Luka (Right(with some Kiyoteru)) singing “Tsuisou no Orugooru/Recollective Orgel/Music box of Time/whatevs” original by mothy ft Luka


here it is
8:25pm October 18, 2014

Yooo staying out with friends tonight soooo vid will be tomorrow!!